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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a shredding service instead of our own shredder?
Money! The cost of a shredder, labor cost, office space, maintenance, power cost, and disposal cost all add up to much more than we charge, and we do all the work for you. We can shred in minutes what would take you all day.
How do you ensure the security of our documents?
Everything is shredded at your location, and we never touch your confidential documents. Your documents are fed directly into the shredder using our automatic process. We never sort through your material or hand feed the shredder.
Why use an on-site shredding company instead of an off-site company?
Security! Once your documents leave your location, you can never be sure what actually happens to them or who may see, or have access to them. Most off-site companies are really paper recyclers whose main business is obtaining paper to recycle. They typically sort your paper according to grade to obtain the highest price.
Do you strip shred our documents?
No. Strip shredded material can easily be reconstructed. Our shredder uses a shear shred method which shreds your documents into very small unreadable pieces.
Do you recycle?
Yes. We recycle 100% of the paper we shred.
How do you charge for your services?
Our pricing is based on a flat rate basis. This allows you to know ahead of time what your exact cost will be. No surprises.
What happens if we need you to come out before our scheduled date?
Call us and we will come out early.
Do you issue a Certificate of Destruction?
Yes. Once your documents have been shredded, we issue you a Certificate of Destruction before we leave your premise.
How do I know everything has been destroyed?
You can watch the entire shredding process on our exclusive, built in video screen, located on the side of our truck.
Do your employees ever see our documents?
No. Once your documents are deposited into one of our locked containers, they are never touched or viewed by anyone again.
What if I only have a one time, or occasional shredding need?
Our "on call" service is designed to meet your specific needs. Call our office and we will be happy to schedule an appointment.